Mercedes Vila Juarez
Equiparado a Investigador Principal
telefone externo: +351 234 370 830

Research group: Nanotecnology Research Group (NRD)

short cv


Bachelor in Physics Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid September 1999

Master Degree in Physics Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid September 2001

Doctorate in Materials Physics. Institution: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid/Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) December 2003


Official CREDENTIALS and certificates

Positive evaluation from ANEP (Spain) as Distinguished Researcher. Programme I3 (Incentives for the incorporation and strengthening of research activity of lecturers-researchers with a prestigious research track record), Ministry of Science and Technology. From June 2012.

Spanish Credentials for the hiring of University Lecturers in the grade of Tenure Professor. ANECA National evaluation. From February 2012.

Spanish Credentials for the hiring of University Lecturers in the grade of Assistant Professor. ANECA National evaluation. From August 2004.



Best presentation Award. Marie Curie conference 2006. Croatia-Serbia: DLC coatings on Si3N4-based composites for Biomedical applications. project MEIF-CT-2006-022860 Marie Curie Actions (EIF).



PAST SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE (in chronological order)

Predoctoral fellowship CSIC, Materials Science Institute, Madrid (CSIC). Spain. 2000-2003

Post-Doctoral contract CSIC. Materials Science Institute, Madrid (CSIC). Spain. 2003-2004

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. Ceramic and Glass Engineering Dpt. (CICECO). Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal. 2004-2005.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Spanish Ministry of Science and Education. Ceramic and Glass Engineering Dpt. (CICECO). Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal. 2004-2006.

Marie Curie Intraeuropean Fellowship. MEIF-CT-2006-022860 Ceramic and Glass Engineering Dpt. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal. 2006-2008.

Ramón y Cajal Scientific Researcher. Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry Dept. Faculty of Pharmacy. Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain. 2008-2013

FCT Principal Investigator. 2012 Investigator FCT call. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal. 2013-2018



Project Title: “BIOSCA: Intelligent and reinforced tissue scaffolds for regenerative biomedicine. FP7-PEOPLE-2007-2-2-ERG. Proposal Nº: N° 224925. P.I: Mercedes Vila Juárez. 2008-2011 Funding Entity: European Comission. FP7. Marie Curie Reintegration Grant. Budget: 45.000 €

Project Title: Proteic Polymer-functionalized 3D macroporous ceramics as scaffolds for bone regenerative medicine. P.I: Mercedes Vila 2008-2010 Funding Entity:For Women in Science program. LOREAL Foundation - UNESCO. Budget: 15.000 €



1. CIBER-BBN (BioEngineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicne Network) Funding Entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III 2008-undefined. 2010-2013: 246.000 €/year.

2. Consolidation of Emergent research groups U.C.M.-C.A.M.Funding Entity: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) 2011Budget: 34.509 €.

3. Bioceramics for Tissue Engineering P2009/MAT-1472 2010-2013 Funding Entity: Research Activity Networks. Comunidad de Madrid (CAM). 2010-2013Budget: 801.665,00 €.

4. AGING: Spanish and European Network for the prevent and treatment of osteoporotic fractures CS=2010-11384-E.Funding Entity: Complementary research actions. Subprogram SOCI. MICINN 2010-2012 Budget: 360.000 €



- L.U.R.E (Laboratoire pour la Utilisation du Rayonnement Electromagnetique).Paris. France 2001 Lenght: 3 weeks. TOPIC: Thin films EXAFS analysis.

- E.S.R.F (European Synchroton Radiation Facility).Grenoble.France. 2002. Lenght: 1 week. TOPIC: Residual stresses analysis in ceramic joints by X-Ray diffraction.

- I.L.L (Institute Laue-Langevin). Grenoble. France.2004 Lenght: 2 weeks.TOPIC: Residual stresses analysis in ceramic/metal joints by neutron diffraction.

- S.L.S (Swiss Light Source) Paul Scherrer Institute. Villigen: Switzerland. 2004.Lenght: 1 week. TOPIC: Zirconia thin films EXAFS analysis.

- UFRJ.Universidade federal de Rio de Janeiro.Rio de Janeiro: Brasil. 2005. Lenght: 1 month. TOPIC: Mechanic sealers coated with Diamond-Like Carbon grown by rf-PE-CVD.



1. Co-Supervisor Post-doctorate grant: Gil Gonçalves. Functionalized Nano-Graphene Oxide Platforms for Cancer Cell Recognition and Therapy. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal 2013-2019

2. Co-supervisor Master and Doctorate Thesis:Tatiana Fernández Lanas. MAT2008-00736. Intelligent and reinforced scaffolds for regenerative medicine. UCM. Madrid. Spain. 2010-2014

3. Co-supervisor European Master: Elsa Marina da Silva Gonçalves: Scaffolds inteligentes e reforçados para medicina regenerativa óssea. UCM. /Universidade de Aveiro. Spain/Portugal. 2011-2012

4. Supervisor: Research final project Victor Saavedra. “Functionalized graphene” Excellence fellowship ministry of science and innovation. UCM . Madrid. Spain. 2012-2013

5. Supervisor: Research final project Elena Morillo Morales. “Functionalized graphene for antitumoral photothermal therapy” Excellence fellowship ministry of science and innovation. UCM . Madrid. Spain. 2011-2012

6. Supervisor: Research final project Jorge Anel Pedroche. Biopolymer coated hydroxiapatite foams as scaffolds for bone regeneration” Excellence fellowship ministry of science and innovation. UCM . Madrid. Spain. 2010-2012

7. Supervisor: Research final project Cristina Arizmendi Vélez. Excellence fellowship ministry of science and innovation. UCM . Madrid. Spain. 2008-2009.

8. Supervisor: Erasmus master. Vincent Maillard “Molecular nano and bio-photonics for telecommunications and biotechnologies” “Carbon nanotubes reinforced hydroxyapatite” UCM . Madrid. Spain 2008-2009.

9. Research guidance European Master in Materials Science (European Master Program). Jean Conceição Departamento de Engenharia Cerâmica e do Vidro (DCEV). Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal. 2007


Research guidance Final Research Project


10- Ana Teresa de Sousa Paiva. “Hard coatings for industrial applications”. Prirev S.A. – 2005; DCEV. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal

11- Barbara Coelho. “Revestimentos de TiB2”. 2006; DCEV.Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal

12.-Ermelinda Salgueiredo “Deposição de filmes de DLC sobre substratos de Nitreto de Silício”. 2006. DCEV. Universidade de Aveiro. Portugal.



1. Polymer/ceramic Foams for heavy metal inmobilization. Inventors: María Vallet-Regí, Mercedes Vila Juárez, Sandra Sánchez Salcedo, Isabel Izquierdo Barba, Mónica Cicuéndez. Patent number: ES2364911-A1. Publication date: 16 Sep 2011



1. M.Vila. Carbon based materials in biomedicine. Bio-ceramics with Clinical Applications. Ed. WILEY. ISBN: 978-1-118-40675-5. Oxford. June 2014

2. S. Sánchez-Salcedo, M. Vila, J. Gil-Albarova, J. Badiola-Vargas, A. Herrera, M. Vallet-Regi. Hydroxyapatite-biopolymer foams. Encyclopedia Of Biomedical Polymers and Polymeric Biomaterials. Taylor & Francis. New York.2012

3. EDITOR: M.Vallet.-Regí and M.Vila. “Advanced bioceramics in nanomedicine and tissue engineering” :Trans Tech Publications. 2010 - M.Vila, M. Manzano, M.Vallet-Regí. Carbon nanotubes as a solution for processing smart materials

4. M.Vila, M.Amaral. Biomedical coatings, ‘Biomaterials: Chemistry and Physics’ Research Signpost. 2008

5. C. Prieto, D. Sánchez-Soria, A. Muñoz, M. Vila, et al. Recent Research Development in Non-Crystalline Solids 1 Ed. by S.G. Pandalai, p.151-169 Transworld Research Network 2001



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Projects participation

1. Project title: Metal/Ceramic interfaces. Funding Entity: CICyT, MAT-2000-0767-C02. (Spanish Ministry of Science and Education (MEC))2001-2003 PRINCIPAL RESEARCHER (PI): C. Prieto

2. Project title:Hard metal tool development with Si3N4/diamond multilayer coatings. Funding Entity: Cooperation program (MEC) ICV/ICMM (CSIC)—Universidad de Aveiro. 2003-2005. PI: P.Miranzo

3. Project title: Metal coating of the High precision movement sensors for (Astrophysics, aerospacial and industrial control applications GranTECan (Canary island Great Telescope))Funding Entity: Collaboration with Indrustry.Proyecto PETRI (PTR1995-0674-OP-02-01), 2001-2003. PI. C. Prieto RESEARCH CONTRACT OF SPECIAL RELEVANCE WITH COMPANIES AND/OR PRIVATE OR PUBLIC FUNDING BODIES

4. Project title: Piezoelectric monocrystals and thin films for ultimate generation devices.Funding Entity: Comunidad de Madrid (CAM)2001-2003. PI M.D. Serrano

5. Project title: “Multilayers coatings for thermal barriers applications”Funding Entity: CICYT MAT 2003-06147-C04-02. (Spanish Ministry of Science and Education).2001-2003.PI: C. Prieto

6. Project title: CVD diamond coated ceramic tools for cutting and rectification applications.Funding Entity:. GRICES-DAAD. 2006-2007:PI Rui RF Silva.Portugal/ Eckart Uhlmann.Germany

7. Project title: DLC and CVD diamond coated Si3N4 biomaterials .BIODIAM.Funding Entity:Fundaçao para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.2002-2006. PI: Florinda Costa Mendes

8. Project title: PLASMED-PVD coated Polyethylene medical components.Funding Entity:Poyecto ADI. 2005-2007. PI: M. Acençao Lopes

9. Project title: “Nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) films on silicon nitride ceramics for tribological applications NANODIAM”.Funding Entity: POCI/CTM/59449/2004. FCT. 2005-2007 PI: Rui RF Silva.

10. Project title: Third generation materials and intelligent biomaterials P-MAT-000324-0505.Funding Entity: Comunidad de Madrid. (CAM) 2006-2010Budget: 709.621,65 € PI: Maria Vallet-Regí

11. Project title: 3rd generation functional and/or Intelligent bioceramics MAT-2008-00736.Funding Entity: MICINN. (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)2009-2014. 1.000.000 €. PI: Maria Vallet-Regí

12. Project title: 3D Scaffolds and implants functionalized and reinforced with recombinant protein polymers for regenerative medicine. Funding Entity: ISCIII-MICINN 2010-2012. 11.000 €.PI: Maria Vallet-Regí.

13. Project Title: “Bioceramicas de silice mesoporosa con propiedades estimulo-respuesta para el tratamiento secuencial de patologias del tejido oseo” MAT2012-35556. Funding Entity: MICINN. (Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation)2013-2016. 500.000 €. PI: Maria Vallet-Regí


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