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As part of the celebrations of the International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011), the Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Aveiro are promoting a scientific photography contest: “Química em flash”. The submission of photographs was extended to June 6, with an international scope, and directed at people over six years old.

The contest aims to obtain photographs that show a chemical phenomenon in an artistic way, or reflect the importance of chemistry in any aspect of the daily life. This is in line with the spirit of the IYC 2011 motto: “Chemistry, our life, our future”. Selected photographs will be put on display at the University of Aveiro and at the Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro.

“Química em flash” is directed at people over six years old, being awarded the top three entries in each category. In the set of prizes to award includes a Netbook, a camera, a mobile phone with camera, and participation in the 2012 edition of the Academia de Verão (Summer Camp, 1 week) of the University of Aveiro.
The photographs and the registration form, accepting the conditions of this Regulation, dated, and signed, must be submitted no later than June 6, 2012, to Fábrica Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro, or delivered in person to Fundação João Jacinto de Magalhães.

In attachment it can be found the registration form and contest regulation.

more information can be obtained by e-mail:

see regulation
see registration form

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