Departmental Coordinators


02 - Urban and Regional Planning

Fernando Nogueira (Public Administration / Urban and Regional Planning)

Art and Design
Paulo Maria Rodrigues (Music)
Pedro Carvalho de Almeida (Design)
Soraia Ala (Product Design and Technology - Northern School of Design, Management and Production Technologies

Business and Management Studies
Nina Katarzyna Szczygiel (Management) 
Ana Raquel Couto Xambre (Industrial Management)
Armando Luís Vieira (Tourism)
Isabel Dimas (
Archives and Documentation/Executive Secretarial Studies)
Cláudia Amaral Santos (
Accountancy / Finance / Marketing (incoming) )
Margarida Pinheiro (
Accountancy / Finance / Marketing (outgoing) )

Education and Teacher Training
Maria Manuela Bento Gonçalves (Education Sciences, Teacher Training)
Marco Vasconcelos (Psychology)

Engineering, Technology
Amaro de Sousa (
Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering)
Fernanda Rodrigues (Civil Engineering)
Joaquim Cruz (Mechanical Engineering)
Carlos Manuel Silva (Chemical Engineering) 
Margarida Almeida (
Materials Engineering)

Environment, Geology
Mário Cerqueira (
Environmental Engineering
Jorge Medina (Earth Sciences)

Languages and Philological Sciences
Cristina Carrington (Applied Languages)

Tatiana Tchemisova Cordeiro (Mathematics)

Medical Sciences
Sílvia de Francesco (Health Sciences - ESSUA)
Bruno de Jesus (Health Sciences - SACS)

Natural Sciences
Etelvina Figueira (Biology)
Maria do Amparo Faustino (Chemistry)
Sílvia da Rocha Carriço (Biochemistry)
Luísa Serafim (Biotechnology)
Maria do Rosário Correia (Physics)

Social Sciences
Elisabeth Pereira (Economics) 

Communciation and Information Sciences 
Vania Baldi (
Information and Communication Technologies / Multimedia)



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