Activities of the International Office

1 – Programmes, Projects and Networks
  • Helping UA teaching staff to develop trans-national cooperation project proposals;Working with the Project Support Office on budget management in European projects;
  • Serving as a key contact point between UA and project promoters like the European Commission, the European University Foundation etc.;
  • Preparing the ERASMUS application for the University of Aveiro;
  • Providing technical and administrative assistance in the context of the work of University networks, particularly student and staff mobility networks.
2 – Coordination of Student Mobility – Foreign Exchange Students
  • Managing student dossiers in the context of Exchange programmes (learning agreements, transcripts, etc.);
  • Working with student associations to organise social events and excursions for international students;
  • Organising induction events for foreign exchange students.
3 – Coordination of Student Mobility – Home Students
  • Managing inter-university contracts and agreements for European student and staff exchange;
  • Providing technical and administrative assistance to the co-ordinators at the various academic departments;
  • Providing assistance to students to prepare applications to foreign universities;
  • Ensuring that students have adequate foreign language preparation before studying abroad;
  • Managing student dossiers in the context of exchange programmes (learning agreements, transcripts, etc.).
4 – Information and Communication
  • Management of the International Office website;
  • Maintaining mailing lists for the dissemination of information;
  • Networking within the University to ensure information about European cooperation programmes is channelled to those who need it;
  • Managing the databases used by the International Office;
  • Maintaining the archives of the International Office.

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