How to register for your courses once you've arrived in Aveiro

Step 1

Collect an arrival pack from the International Office Desk.

Step 2

Meet your your departmental coordinator. The name and e-mail address of your departmental coordinator is available in the official "letter of acceptance" issued to you by the International Office of UA before you arrive in Portugal. 

Step 3

Discuss your learning agreement with your departmental coordinator and make ajustments (if any), using the "Changes to the Original Learning Agreement" form, which is available in your arrival pack or for download from our docs & forms page.

Step 4

Ask your departmental coordinator to fill in your Exchange Student Registration Form. A copy of the "Exchange Student Registration Form" is availabe in your arrival pack or for download on our docs & forms page.

Step 5

Take your "Exchange Student Registration Form", your "Changes to the Original Learning Agreement" (if necessary), a copy of your health insurance policy and 2 passport-size photos to the International Office during opening hours.

Important notice
Some departments at UA have internal procedures for registering in lab groups and tutorial groups ("turmas"). Please ask your departmental coordinator for information.

After registration
After registration, the International Office will upload your list of course units (subjects) on to the University database called PACO. You can consult PACO at Select secretaria virtual.

last updated 11/12/2017
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