Student Exchange

This page includes general application procedures plus some specific application procedures for certain Exchange programmes. Also included are the instructions for applicants and the application forms.

Course Catalogue
This page links to the general course catalogue of the University of Aveiro.
See also "Exchange Packages" courses available in English

This section offers the best tips on how to find accommodation near the University campus or in a student apartment in town.

Arrivals & Welcome
The arrivals page contains specific information on where to go and what to do when you arrive in Aveiro, including details of the programme for orientation week.

In this section, you will find information on the administrative procedures necessary for registering your chosen course units on the University of Aveiro database.

Academic Calendar
Find out here about the dates and activities included in the University´s academic calendar for 2015/2016.

Entry Visas
For students who require a VISA to enter Portugal, this page will provide you with useful advice and contacts as well as information on how the University of Aveiro can support your VISA application.

Find out here about the different kinds of medical care available to you.

Departmental Coordinators
In this section you can find the names and contacts of the key people involved in organising your student Exchange at the different academic Departments and Schools of the University.

ECTS Credits
What is ECTS and why does it matter to exchange students? Find out more in this section.

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