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Welcome to ISCA!

The Higher Institute for Accountancy and Administration seeks to provide students with a challenging educational experience, enhancing their academic skills with demanding but stimulating subjects and contributing to their future success as professionals in the accounting, finance and marketing areas.

If you’re thinking about starting an Erasmus study program and enjoy a multicultural experience in a modern and dynamic university recognized as a center of academic excellence, this is the place to go!

Located in Aveiro, a small but enchanting seaside town in the North or Portugal, the Higher Institute for Accountancy ad Administration offers you postgraduate and undergraduate courses, with the possibility of day or night classes, and a highly competent and experienced teaching staff.

You will interact with students from different cultural and linguistic background, have the opportunity of getting in touch with one of the most ancient languages in Europe and be part of a lively student environment which will certainly enrich your cultural awareness, an extremely important tool in a global competitive business world.  


1st cycle study programs:





2nd cycle study programs:


Public Accounting



Programs goals and learning objectives defined for the competence profile of graduates:

The qualification goals comply with the studying and teaching methodologies and high standard learning outcomes established for ISCA.

1st cycle degree


The Accounting degree aims to prepare graduates with solid knowledge in the area of accountancy and skills for working with Information and Communication Technologies. Its main objectives are:

  • To provide the students with a solid grounding in accountancy, able to elaborate financial information systems and internal control systems, prepare and analyse financial, budgetary, analytical and fiscal information;
  • To prepare qualified professionals able to work in organizational environments;
  • To prepare professionals able to meet the demands and challenges of the new organizational and technological paradigms. 

This degree allows students to define their own learning path, choosing to specialize in one area (Accounting) or combining two areas (Accounting with a selected minor).

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The Finance Degree aims to provide a response to the development of the financial area at national and international levels. The program has a strong potential connection with the job market and prepares graduates for specialized professional positions, providing foundational knowledge in Economic and Financial Theory which, in combination with analytical tools, enables graduates to take financial decisions.  Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Understand the financial reality of markets;
  • Analyse the economic / financial situation of companies;
  • Understand the methods and tools of management and financial assessment;
  • Understand the structure and behaviour of the financial sector;
  • Master the fundamental concepts and tools of decision-making related to investment and financial policies;
  • Have an understanding of the accounting implications in the analysis of financial demonstrations.

This degree allows students to define their own learning path, choosing to specialise in one area (Finance) or combining two areas (Finance with a selected minor). 

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The Degree in Marketing aims to provide students with a solid grounding in the basic concepts of marketing, together with a strong component of management.

To accomplish this, the study plan combines general foundational disciplines (Accounting, Economics, Management, Law, Quantitative Methods, etc.), which provide students with knowledge of the business sector in general, with a number of specialized marketing disciplines (Distribution, Brands, Market Studies, Product Design, etc.)

This range of expertise, complemented with important concepts from the new Economics (e-commerce, e-business, Customer Related Management, etc.) allows graduates to play an important role in the relationship between company and market, enabling the former to respond rapidly to the needs of the latter.

This degree allows students to define their own learning path, choosing to specialize in one area (Marketing) or combining two areas (Marketing with a selected minor). 

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2nd cycle degree


A professional in the area of accountancy must have profound expertise not only in this field but also in areas which are closely linked to the activity of businesses and their financial procedures. The Master's program in Accounting is therefore organized into specialized pathways and aims at training highly qualified professionals with a solid scientific grounding in Accountancy, Management, Business Finance and Company Law and specialization in Auditing or Taxation.

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Public Accounting

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Teaching methodologies:

Lectures supplemented by exercises, group discussions, written take-home papers and seminars.



Final, mixed or continuous.

Non-working students must attend 75% of the classes.


Transcript of records:

The scale used at the University of Aveiro ranges from 0 to 20.

One semester of full-time studies corresponds to 30 ECTS.


Language of instruction:

Courses at ISCA’s study programs are taught in Portuguese, with the exception of foreign languages.


Selection of subjects:

 A series of core subjects and elective courses are available in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, ranging from mathematics, to law, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and foreign languages, among others.

Classes may overlap if students make up their selection based on elective courses.

The University of Aveiro also provides intensive courses of Portuguese for Erasmus students, offering you a chance of strengthening your competences in verbal and written skills, while experiencing a unique knowledge and insight of cross-cultural communication.


Teaching location:

Teaching takes place at ISCA’s premises and/or at other university departments, depending on the selected study subjects.


Campus map


School calendar:

Fall semester: mid September/mid February

Spring semester: mid February/ mid July


Departmental coordinator:

Claudia da Silva Amaral Santos

Phone: +351 234 380 110


Universidade de Aveiro
Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração
R. Associação Humanitária dos Bombeiros de Aveiro
Apartado 58
3811-902 Aveiro


University of Aveiro International Office:

Gabinete de Relações Internacionais :

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