Maria Elisabete Jorge Vieira da Costa

Departamento de Engenharia de Materiais e Cerâmica

Professor Auxiliar
gabinete: 9.2.22
extensão: 22921
telefone externo: 234370354


Scientific Interests

Chemical synthesis of nano- and micro-sized powder particles (oxides and calcium fosfates) for advanced applications (electronic and biomedical applications).

Preparation and characterization of porous scaffolds (ceramic, polymer and composites) for tissue engineering.

Processing of nanostructured calcium phosphate particles for controlled drug delivery.

Preparation and characterization of ferroelectric thin films by chemical solution deposition and sputtering methods.

Growth and characterization of ferroelectric single crystals.

Preparation and characterization of piezo and ferroelectric bulk ceramics for high temperature transducers.

Investigation of dielectric, piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of materials.

Selected Publications

H. Amorin, I. Coondoo, M.E.V.Costa, A.L.Kholkin, “Ferroelectric domains and grain engineering in SrBi2Ta2O9” in "Lead-Free Piezoelectrics”, edited by Springer, Part 1, pp. 53-85, 2012.

S. Jin, I.M.Miranda Salvado, M.E.V.Costa, Structure, dielectric and ferroelectric anisotropy of Sr2-xCaxBi4Ti5O18 ceramics, Materials Research Bulletin, 46(2011) 432–437.

S. Endres, B. Hiebl, J. H¨agele, C. Beltzer, R. Fuhrmann, V. J¨ager, M. Almeida , M.E.V. Costa , C. Santos , H. Traupe, E.M. Jung, L. Prantl, F. Jung, A. Wilke and R.-P. Franke, Angiogenesis and healing with non-shrinking, fast degradeable PLGA/CaP scaffolds in critical-sized defects in the rabbit femur with or without osteogenically induced mesenchymal stem cells, Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 48 (2011) 29–40.

S. Zlotnik, P.M. Vilarinho, M.E.V. Costa, J.A. Moreira, A. Almeida, Growth of Incipient Ferroelectric KTaO3 Single Crystals by a Modified Self-Flux Solution Method, Crystal Growth & Design, 10 (2010) 3397-3404.

G.G. Aguilar, I.M.Miranda Salvado, M.E.V.Costa, Rapid thermal annealing and conventional furnace effect on SrBiTa2O9 thin films crystallization,Thin Solid Films, 517(2009)5728-5733.

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C.Santos, M.A. Martins, R.-P. Franke, M.M. Almeida and M.E.V. Costa, “Calcium phosphate granules for use as a 5-Fluorouracil delivery system”, Ceramics International, 35(2009) 1587-1594.

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B. Hiebl, R. Fuhrmann, M.E.V. Costa, M.M. Almeida and R.P. Franke, “In vitro 3D assay to test angiogenic effects of human CD14+ monocytes seeded on macroporous PLGA/CaP polymers with a CaP nanostructured surface”, Clinical Hemorehology and Microcirculation, 40 (1)(2008)37-50.

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