2011 - Publicações na área de EM

1.   Ascensão, A., Lumini-Oliveira, J., Machado, N. G., Ferreira, R. M., Gonçalves, I. O., Moreira, A. C., Marques, F., Sardão, V. A., Oliveira, P. J., Magalhães, J., Acute exercise protects against calcium-induced cardiac mitochondrial permeability transition pore opening in doxorubicin-treated rats. Clin Sci. 2010, 120(1): 37-49.

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3.    Calisto, V., Domingues, M.R.M., Esteves, V.I., “Photodegradation of psychiatric pharmaceuticals in aquatic environments - Kinetics and photodegradation products”, Water Res,  2011, 45, 6097-6106.

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6.    Coelho, E., Reis, A., Domingues, M.R., Rocha, S.M., Coimbra, M.A., “Synergistic effect of high and low molecular weight molecules in the foamability and foam stability of sparkling wines”, J Agric Food Chem, 2011, 59, 3168-3179.

7.    Cotrim, C.Z., Amado, F.L., Helguero, L.A., “Estrogenic effect of the MEK1 inhibitor PD98059 on endogenous estrogen receptor alpha and beta”, J Steroid Biochem, 2011, 124, 25-30.

8.    Da Silva, L., Neves, B.M., Moura, L., Cruz, M.T., Carvalho, E., “Neurotensin downregulates the pro-inflammatory properties of skin-dendritic cells and increases epidermal growth factor expression”. BBA-Molecular Cell Research, 2011, 1813(10), 1863-71

9.    Fernandes, A.M., Rocha, M.A., Freire, M.G., Marrucho, I.M., Coutinho, J.A., Santos, L.M., “Evaluation of cation-anion interaction strength in ionic liquids”, The journal of physical chemistry. B, 2011, 115, 4033-4041.

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11.    Ferreira, J.A., Dias, E., Rocha, S.M., Coimbra, M.A., “Process for detecting Helicobacter pylori using aliphatic amides”, Anal Bioanal Chem, 2011, 401, 1889-1898

12.    Ferreira, J.A., Domingues, M.R.M., Reis, A., Figueiredo, C., Monteiro, M.A., Coimbra, M.A., “Aldobiouronic acid domains in Helicobacter pylori”, Carbohyd Res, 2011, 346, 638-643.

13.    Fonseca, H., Goncalves, D., Vaz, M., Fernandes, M., Ferreira, R., Amado, F., Mota, M., Duarte, J., “Voluntary Wheel Running Exercise Effectivelly Enhances Femoral Neck Bone Quality of Ovariectomized Wistar Rats”, Osteoporosis Int, 2011, 22 (suppl 1), S291

14.    Gomes, A.T.P.C., Cunha, A.C., Domingues, M.D.M., Neves, M.G.P.M.S., Tome, A.C., Silva, A.M.S., Santos, F.D., Souza, M.C.B.V., Ferreira, V.F., Cavaleiro, J.A.S.,”Synthesis and characterization of new porphyrin/4-quinolone conjugates”, Tetrahedron, 2011, 67, 7336-7342.

15.    Guedes, S., Vitorino, R., Domingues, M.R.M., Amado, F., Domingues, P., “Glycation and oxidation of histones H2B and H1: in vitro study and characterization by mass spectrometry”, Anal Bioanal Chem, 2011, 399, 3529-3539.

16.    Izquierdo, R.A., Madureira, J., Ramos, C.I.V., Santana-Marques, M.G.O., Santos, T.M., “Investigation of the coordination modes of tris(pyrazolylmethane)/1,4,7-trithiacyclononane ruthenium(II) complex ions by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry”, Int J Mass Spectrom, 2011, 301, 143-150.

17.    Lindberg, K., Helguero, L.A., Omoto, Y., Gustafsson, J.A., Haldosen, L.A., “Estrogen receptor beta represses Akt signaling in breast cancer cells via downregulation of HER2/HER3 and upregulation of PTEN: implications for tamoxifen sensitivity”, Breast Cancer Res, 2011, 13.

18.    Maciel, E., da Silva, R.N., Simoes, C., Domingues, P., Domingues, M.R.M., “Structural Characterization of Oxidized Glycerophosphatidylserine: Evidence of Polar Head Oxidation”, J Am Soc Mass Spectr, 2011, 22, 1804-1814.

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21.    Moreira, A.S., Coimbra, M.A., Nunes, F.M., Simoes, J., Domingues, M.R., “Evaluation of the effect of roasting on the structure of coffee galactomannans using model oligosaccharides”, J Agric Food Chem, 2011, 59, 10078-10087.

22.    Moreira-Goncalves, D., Henriques-Coelho, T., Fonseca, H., Ferreira, R.M., Amado, F., Leite-Moreira, A., Duarte, J.A., “Moderate exercise training provides left ventricular tolerance to acute pressure overload”, Am J Physiol-Heart C, 2011, 300, H1044-H1052.

23.    Neri, D.F.M., Balcao, V.M., Cardoso, S.M., Silva, A.M.S., Domingues, M.D.M., Torres, D.P.M., Rodrigues, L.R.M., Carvalho, L.B., Teixeira, J.A.C., “Characterization of galactooligosaccharides produced by beta-galactosidase immobilized onto magnetized Dacron”, Int Dairy J, 2011, 21, 172-178.

24.    Padrao, A.I., Ferreira, R.M., Vitorino, R., Alves, R.M., Neuparth, M.J., Duarte, J.A., Amado, F., “OXPHOS susceptibility to oxidative modifications: the role of heart mitochondrial subcellular location”, Biochimica et biophysica acta – Bioenergetics, 2011, 1807, 1106-1113.

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27.    Pires, S.M.G., De Paula, R., Simoes, M.M.Q., Silva, A.M.S., Domingues, M.R.M., Santos, I.C.M.S., Vargas, M.D., Ferreira, V.F., Neves, M.G.P.M.S., Cavaleiro, J.A.S., “Novel biomimetic oxidation of lapachol with H(2)O(2) catalysed by a manganese(III) porphyrin complex”, Rsc Adv, 2011, 1, 1195-1199.

28.    Reis, A., Fonseca, C., Maciel, E., Domingues, P., Domingues, M.R., “Influence of amino acid relative position on the oxidative modification of histidine and glycine peptides”, Anal Bioanal Chem, 2011, 399, 2779-2794.

29.    Resende, D.I.S.P., Silva, E.M.P., Barros, C., Domingues, M.R.M., Silva, A.M.S., Cavaleiro, J.A.S., “Tandem mass spectrometry based investigation of cinnamylideneacetophenone derivatives: valuable tool for the differentiation of positional isomers”, Rapid Commun Mass Sp, 2011, 25, 3185-3195.

30.    Rocha, H., Ferreira, R., Carvalho, J., Vitorino, R., Santa, C., Lopes, L., Gregersen, N., Vilarinho, L., Amado, F., “Characterization of mitochondrial proteome in a severe case of ETF-QO deficiency”, J Proteomics, 2011, 75, 221-228.

31.    Santos, S.A., Freire, C.S., Domingues, M.R., Silvestre, A.J., Pascoal Neto, C., “Characterization of phenolic components in polar extracts of Eucalyptus globulus Labill. bark by high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry”, J Agric Food Chem, 2011, 59, 9386-9393.

32.    Silva, A.M., Borralho, A.C., Pinho, S.A., Domingues, M.R., Domingues, P., “Cross-oxidation of angiotensin II by glycerophosphatidylcholine oxidation products”, Rapid communications in mass spectrometry: RCM, 2011, 25, 1413-1421.

33.    Silva, A.M.G., Leite, A., Gonzalez, P., Domingues, M.R.M., Gameiro, P., de Castro, B., Rangel, M., “Use of a porphyrin platform and 3,4-HPO chelating units to synthesize ligands with N(4) and O(4) coordination sites”, Tetrahedron, 2011, 67, 7821-7828.

34.    Simoes, J., Nunes, F.M., Domingues, M.R., Coimbra, M.A., “Demonstration of the presence of acetylation and arabinose branching as structural features of locust bean gum galactomannans”, Carbohyd Polym, 2011, 86, 1476-1483.

35.    Soares, S., Vitorino, R., Osorio, H., Fernandes, A., Venancio, A., Mateus, N., Amado, F., de Freitas, V., “Reactivity of Human Salivary Proteins Families Toward Food Polyphenols”, J Agr Food Chem, 2011, 59, 5535-5547.

36.    Tudella, J., Nunes, F.M., Paradela, R., Evtuguin, D.V., Domingues, P., Amado, F., Coimbra, M.A., Barros, A.I., Domingues, M.R., “Oxidation of mannosyl oligosaccharides by hydroxyl radicals as assessed by electrospray mass spectrometry”, Carbohydr Res, 2011, 346, 2603-2611.

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38.    Vitorino, R., Alves, R., Barros, A., Caseiro, A., Ferreira, R., Lobo, M.C., Bastos, A., Duarte, J., Carvalho, D., Santos, L.L., Amado, F.L., “Finding new posttranslational modifications in salivary proline-rich proteins”, Proteom Clin Appl, 2011, 5, 197-197.
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