2013 - Publicações no grupo de BQA

1.    Afonso, J, Passos, CP, Coimbra, MA, Silva, CM, Soares-Da-Silva, P, Inhibitory effect of phenolic compounds from grape seeds (Vitis vinifera L.) on the activity of angiotensin I converting enzyme, LWT-Food Sci. Technol., 2013, 54, 265 – 270.

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4.    Aubourg, SP, Torres, JA, Saraiva, JA, Guerra-Rodriguez, E, Vazquez, M, Effect of high-pressure treatments applied before freezing and frozen storage on the functional and sensory properties of Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus), LWT-Food Sci. Technol., 2013, 53, 100 – 106.

5.    Azenha, CSR, Coimbra, MA, Moreira, ASP, Domingues, P, Domingues, MRM, Differentiation of isomeric beta-(1-4) hexose disaccharides by positive electrospray tandem mass spectrometry, J. Mass Spectrom., 2013, 48, 548 – 552.

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7.    Beirao-da-Costa, S, Duarte, C, Bourbon, AI, Pinheiro, AC, Januario, MIN, Vicente, AA, Beirao-da-Costa, ML, Delgadillo, I, Inulin potential for encapsulation and controlled delivery of Oregano essential oil, Food Hydrocolloids, 2013, 33, 199 – 206.

8.    Boeri, CN, da Silva, FJN, Ferreira, JAF, Saraiva, JMA, Moreira, RS, Equilibrium Moisture Content Isotherms of Codfish (Gadus morhua), J. Aquat. Food Prod. Technol., 2013, 22, 551 – 563.

9.    Diaz, SO, Barros, AS, Goodfellow, BJ, Duarte, IF, Carreira, IM, Galhano, E, Pita, C, Almeida, MD, Gil, AM, Following Healthy Pregnancy by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Metabolic Profiling of Human Urine, J. Proteome Res., 2013, 12, 969 – 979.

10.    Diaz, SO, Barros, AS, Goodfellow, BJ, Duarte, IF, Galhano, E, Pita, C, Almeida, MD, Carreira, IM, Gil, AM, Second Trimester Maternal Urine for the Diagnosis of Trisomy 21 and Prediction of Poor Pregnancy Outcomes, J. Proteome Res., 2013, 12, 2946 – 2957.

11.    Ferreira, LR, Lima, S, Neves, P, Antunes, MM, Rocha, SM, Pillinger, M, Portugal, I, Valente, AA, Aqueous phase reactions of pentoses in the presence of nanocrystalline zeolite beta: Identification of by-products and kinetic modelling, Chem. Eng. J., 2013, 215, 772 – 783.

12.    Galvis-Sanchez, AC, Santos, IC, Mesquita, RBR, Lopes, JA, Rangel, AOSS, Delgadillo, I, Application of Mid- and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for the Control and Chemical Evaluation of Brine Solutions and Traditional Sea Salts, Food Anal. Meth., 2013, 6, 470 – 480.

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14.    Jalali, HT, Petronilho, S, Villaverde, JJ, Coimbra, MA, Domingues, MRM, Ebrahimian, ZJ, Silvestre, AJD, Rocha, SM, Assessment of the sesquiterpenic profile of Ferula gummosa oleo-gum-resin (galbanum) from Iran. Contributes to its valuation as a potential source of sesquiterpenic compounds, Ind. Crop. Prod., 2013, 44, 185 – 191.

15.    Laranjeira, H, Coimbra, C, Fernandes, N, Pinho, R, Anjos, R, Mesquita, E, Barros, A, Ferreira, R, Borges, L, Postoperative Recovery of Blood in Patients Undergoing Total Knee or Hip Arthroplasty, Acta Medica Port., 2013, 26, 511 – 516.

16.    Mirnaghi, FS, Mousavi, F, Rocha, SM, Pawliszyn, J, Automated determination of phenolic compounds in wine, berry, and grape samples using 96-blade solid phase microextraction system coupled with liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry, J. Chromatogr. A, 2013, 1276, 12 – 19.

17.    Monteiro, SR, Rebelo, S, Silva, OABDE, Lopes-da-Silva, JA, The influence of galactomannans with different amount of galactose side chains on the gelation of soy proteins at neutral pH, Food Hydrocolloids, 2013, 33, 349 – 360.

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21.    Neves, P, Antunes, MM, Russo, PA, Abrantes, JP, Lima, S, Fernandes, A, Pillinger, M, Rocha, SM, Ribeiro, MF, Valente, AA, Production of biomass-derived furanic ethers and levulinate esters using heterogeneous acid catalysts, Green Chem., 2013, 15, 3367 – 3376.

22.    Neves, P, Lima, S, Pillinger, M, Rocha, SM, Rocha, J, Valente, AA, Conversion of furfuryl alcohol to ethyl levulinate using porous aluminosilicate acid catalysts, Catal. Today, 2013, 218, 76 – 84.

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24.    Nunes, C, Maricato, E, Cunha, A, Nunes, A, da Silva, JAL, Coimbra, MA, Chitosan-caffeic acid-genipin films presenting enhanced antioxidant activity and stability in acidic media, Carbohydr. Polym., 2013, 91, 236 – 243.

25.    Oliveira, MB, Dominguez-Perez, M, Cabeza, O, Lopes-da-Silva, JA, Freire, MG, Coutinho, JAP, Surface tensions of binary mixtures of ionic liquids with bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl) imide as the common anion, J. Chem. Thermodyn., 2013, 64, 22 – 27.

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28.    Pinheiro, AC, Lad, M, Silva, HD, Coimbra, MA, Boland, M, Vicente, AA, Unravelling the behaviour of curcumin nanoemulsions during in vitro digestion: effect of the surface charge, Soft Matter, 2013, 9, 3147 – 3154.

29.    Raguzzoni, JC, Lopes da Silva, JA, Maraschin, M, Delgadillo, I, Characterization of the physicochemical and thermal properties of unexplored starches with potential industrial uses from six Brazilian maize landraces, Starch/Starke, 2013, 65, 938 – 946.

30.    Rocha, SM, Freitas, R, Cardoso, P, Santos, M, Martins, R, Figueira, E, Exploring the potentialities of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography coupled to time of flight mass spectrometry to distinguish bivalve species: Comparison of two clam species (Venerupis decussata and Venerupis philippinarum), J. Chromatogr. A, 2013, 1315, 152 – 161.

31.    Salvador, AC, Baptista, I, Barros, AS, Gomes, NCM, Cunha, A, Almeida, A, Rocha, SM, Can Volatile Organic Metabolites Be Used to Simultaneously Assess Microbial and Mite Contamination Level in Cereal Grains and Coffee Beans?, PLoS One, 2013, 8, e59338.

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34.    Santos, MC, Nunes, C, Cappelle, J, Goncalves, FJ, Rodrigues, A, Saraiva, JA, Coimbra, MA, Effect of high pressure treatments on the physicochemical properties of a sulphur dioxide-free red wine, Food Chem., 2013, 141, 2558 – 2566.

35.    Santos, MC, Nunes, C, Rocha, MAM, Rodrigues, A, Rocha, SM, Saraiva, JA, Coimbra, MA, Impact of high pressure treatments on the physicochemical properties of a sulphur dioxide-free white wine during bottle storage: evidence for Maillard reaction acceleration, Innov. Food Sci. Emerging Tech., 2013, 20, 51 – 58.

36.    Santos, MC, Salvador, AC, Domingues, FM, Cruz, JM, Saraiva, JA, Use of High Hydrostatic Pressure to Increase the Content of Xanthohumol in Beer Wort, Food Bioprocess Technol., 2013, 6, 2478 – 2485.

37.    Silva, AS, Valente, IM, Nunes, C, Coimbra, MA, Guido, LF, Determination of Aldoses, Deoxy-aldoses and Uronic Acids Content in a Pectin-Rich Extract by RP-HPLC-FLD after p-AMBA Derivatization, Chromatographia, 2013, 76, 1117 – 1124.

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45.    Veleirinho, B, Berti, FV, Dias, PF, Maraschin, M, Ribeiro-do-Valle, RM, Lopes-da-Silva, JA, Manipulation of chemical composition and architecture of non-biodegradable poly(ethylene terephthalate)/chitosan fibrous scaffolds and their effects on L929 cell behavior, Mater. Sci. Eng. C-Mater. Biol. Appl., 2013, 33, 37 – 46.
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