João Paulo Davim

João Paulo Davim

Associate Professor with Aggregation
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Aveiro
Campus Universitário de Santiago
3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
Tel: +351 234 401 566  (ext. 23839)


What are your personal perspectives as a researcher?
Do research better and better. In other words, my main aim is to develop more and deeper research in such a way that the research which I will be able to develop in the near future could be much better than the one I do at the present. Produce knowledge with scientific and practical interest not only to other researchers, but also that could have a high potential of applicability in the industry field. Continue and reinforce the ability not only to produce, but also, and with a special emphasis, to transfer the obtained knowledge to other generations of researchers and practitioners.

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges in your area of research?
The re-industrialization of Europe and Portugal is at the present political agenda due to its crucial importance to the economic development. Manufacturing has a huge importance in the re-industrialization process, given its applicability in the production of components to the automotive, aeronautics and aerospace industry as well as other advanced industries. As a consequence, the development of modern manufacturing needs to incorporate more and deeper scientific knowledge through the findings of a deep laboratory experiment, related with modeling, simulation and optimization, using complex and sophisticated computational and statistical methods. It is a great challenge to achieve lean manufacturing. The development and implementation of methods and sustainable manufacturing technologies (taking into account environmental, economic and social issues) also constitute a major challenge to this research area.

Where are the strengths of the UA in your opinion?
The university dynamics, the quality and scientific and professional abilities of its human resources, its innovative campus as well as the strategic location of Aveiro city (with excellent communication and transport infrastructures between the North and South of Portugal), are strengths of UA. The good position of UA in the major international "rankings" is another relevant and very positive issue with a great importance for all those who are seeking to the university as a place where they can develop their studies and research.

Could you give one idea to improve research in the UA?
Valuing researchers and research results in an objective way, is crucial to maintain the motivation and improve performance of all those that are involved and committed in the research area.
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