The Vice-Rectory Office is responsible for supporting UA researchers seeking for funding and supplying strategic directions for research and 3rd cycle education in line with the objectives of the University.

The main objectives of the Research Office are to:
  • provide assistance to researchers on research programmes;
  • help establishing connections with the European Commission and other international research agencies;
  • implement the University’s strategy to reach a higher research quality;
  • increase the international reputation of UA and foster the impact of its research;
  • support the development of high quality doctoral programmes.

Important achievements

Despite the short history of the UA, its research staff has already achieved some important results and continues to contribute to the development and excellence of the research carried out in this institution.

Of all the important prizes and awards attributed to UA researchers over the years, we highlight the prize “Estímulo à Excelência” won by 16 researchers of several different scientific areas, despite the demanding criteria defined by the National Foundation for Science and Technology.

Extensive involvement in national and international research projects has been an important motor for the success of the research developed at UA. In 2010, 174 new research projects, with a total budget around EUR 20 million, were launched. In order to sustain the continuing progress of its research centers and support their international competitiveness, UA intends to invest EUR 28.5 million (70% financed by the ERDF) in scientific and technological infrastructures.

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