Carlos Manuel das Neves Santos

Professor Auxiliar
gabinete: 21.3.17
extensão: 23700


> diretor do curso de mestrado em comunicação multimédia;

> presidente da comissão de curso de mestrado em comunicação multimédia.

perfil biográfico

Carlos Santos (male), is an Assistant Professor at University of Aveiro, PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms, MSc in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering and graduated in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. Since 2016 he is the Programme Director of the Master in Multimedia Communication at Universidade de Aveiro. From 2008 to 2015, he was the executive coordinator and lead researcher of the SAPO Labs at University of Aveiro R&D initiative. Since 2009, he is the coordinator of the SAPO Campus research project ( Since 2016, he is the technical lead researcher of the Global Portuguese Scientists (GPS) platform ( His research interests are related with Personal Learning Environments, promotion of Web 2.0 tools in educational contexts, gamification, recommendation systems and technology for building communities. He is (co-)author of 6 books in the topic of Multimedia Technologies for secondary level teaching and learning and has also (co-)authored over 40 scientific publications (journals/conference papers and book chapters) on subjects related with ICT, EdTech, TEL and PLEs. He is a Program Committee member for various national and international conferences in the referred scientific fields.

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