Paula Alexandrina de Aguiar Pereira Marques

Professor Associado Convidado


PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Aveiro, 2003

Master, Physics and Chemistry Teaching, University of Aveiro, 1997

Graduation, Chemistry, University of Aveiro, 1993


Researcher ID:    A-7371-2008


Scopus Author ID:    7006399221


Main research interests:

My research interests are related to the engineering and development of new nanostructured materials that may give answers to societal challenges.

Since my entrance in the Mechanical Engineering Department as a Researcher, I started working with carbon nanostructures. At that time, in 2007, there was a boom on the research related to graphene discovery that culminate with the Nobel Physics award to Andre Geim e Konstantin Novoselov in 2010.

Due to my chemistry and materials science background I started exploring a graphene derivative: graphene oxide, an amazing versatile nanomaterial.

From that time until today, I’ve been exploring this nanomaterial for several applications, such as:

  • Synthesis of nanocomposites based on graphene oxide/noble metal nanoparticles as probes for biosensors;
  • Synthesis of functionalized nano-graphene oxide for cell uptake studies for near-infrared mediated tumor hyperthermia;
  • Preparation of mechanical and electrical stimulus responsive 3D graphene/collagen scaffolds for tissue engineering applications;
  • Development of functional graphene-based foams for heavy metals removal from contaminated waters;
  • Preparation of graphene oxide/polymer nanocomposite fibers obtained by electrospinning for catalytic, antibacterial and tissue engineering applications;
  • Use of functionalized graphene oxide for mechanical reinforcement of polymer matrixes.

In resume, I am dedicating my research to the investigation & development of graphene oxide based materials, mainly for three areas of applications: health, environment and mechanical engineering.

One of the most critical challenges that I would like to contribute with my research is to help to engineer solutions that will foster a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world.


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