Victor Fernando Santos Neto

Professor Auxiliar
gabinete: 22.2.16
extensão: 23885


Vice-coordenador da Plataforma Tecnológica de Moldes & Plásticos da Universidade de Aveiro

Membro da Comissão para a Comunicação, Divulgação e Promoção do DEM

perfil biográfico

Victor Neto is a researcher and teacher developing work on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for Product Development, specially involving nano-materials and nano-fabrication techniques, thermoplastics injection molding, and eco-design and eco-efficiency.

In this scope, his current main research effort is between two important projects: (i) New Products from Secondary Polymers reinforced with Nanoparticles; and (ii) Nanotechnology Usability Tool (NTU) for optimization of nano-based products.

Project (i) is contributing to the development recycled polymer-based products, such as filament for fused filament fabrication, injection molding, compression molding or extrusion, with enhanced properties due to the incorporation of nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes, graphene or metal oxides. This is an important topic for the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions. Several MSc dissertations and other indicators were already developed with in this project.

Project (ii) is the reply to the lack of tools for the analysis the nano-based product development, considering materials and production processes in the point of view of eco & social indicators, costs, and adequacy of the product in relation with the market. A PhD thesis has been already developed and several other indicators were already developed with in this project.

His main professional activity is at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of University of Aveiro (Portugal), where he has an assistant professor position. He is vice-coordinator of the University of Aveiro's Molds and Plastic Technology Platform, researcher of the Science and Engineering Education (SEE) Group, researcher of the Centre for Mechanical Technology and Automation (TEMA) and member of a number of scientific organizations. He is also involved in consultancy and project management in the scope of advanced manufacturing technologies for product development.

He has +60 papers published in international refereed journals, and +50 conferences communications. He has been involved in several research projects, on the management of scientific events; and on science dissemination activities.

Victor Neto has a BSc degree in Physics Engineering (2001); MSc in Applied Physics (2004), a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2008) and a MSc in Management (2012).

Expertise: additive manufacturing; business models; circular economy; decision making; eco-design and eco-efficiency; industry 4.0; manufacturing processes; nanotechnology; nanotechnology usability; product development; teaching methodologies; thermoplastics injection molding; university-business cooperation.

Interests: learning; new nano-based product development; technology dissemination and awareness creation.

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