Duncan Paul Fagg

Investigador Principal
gabinete: 3.2.11
extensão: 26207


Research Group: Applied Energy Group (AE) and Nanotecnology Research Group (NRD)

short cv

Dr. Duncan Fagg is currently employed as a Principal Researcher in the nanotechnology research division (NRD) of the centre for mechanical technology and automation (TEMA) in the University of Aveiro, Portugal. He is the author of over 80 international scientific publications. He has over 20 years of research experience with previous placements in CICECO Aveiro, Portugal, ICV Autonomous University Madrid, Spain, Dept.Chemical Engineering, Patras Greece, School of Chemistry, St-Andrews University Scotland, and Risø DTU National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, Roskilde Denmark. At present, he is the leader of a group studying hydrogen related technologies.


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Projects participation

Project Coordination

“Development of mixed electronic and proton conducting ceramics for application as hydrogen separation membranes”. FCT, Portugal PTDC/CTM/66243/2006, 2008-2010, PI Dr.D.P.Fagg

“Development of novel materials for reversible electrolysers/fuel cells and for solid state hydrogen storage”. Martifer Energia - Equipamentos para Energia, 2008-2011, PI Dr.D.P.Fagg

“Production of pure hydrogen by reforming of biogas and electrochemical separation (HYDEL)”. FCT, Portugal PTDC/CTM/100412/2008, 2010-2013, PI Dr.D.P.Fagg

“Extension of Electrochemically Active Sites in SOFC anodes-(E-a-s-i Anode)”. FCT, Portugal PTDC/CTM/105424/2008, 2010-2013, PI Dr.D.P.Fagg

Collaborative Projects

"Harvesting the energy of the sun for a sustainable future" (QREN programe Mais Centro), 2013-2015, PI Prof. Armando Neves

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