Manoj Kumar Singh

Equiparado a Investigador Auxiliar
gabinete: 3.2.8
extensão: 26204
telefone externo: +351 234 370 830


Research Group: Nanoengineering Research Group (NRG)


Over 70 research papers in peer-reviewed International Journals over 1500 citations; h-index: 20

Synopsis of CV/Major Accomplishments:

Dr. Singh (born 15/01/1975) obtained his Masters in Physics (1st Div) with Specialization in Electronics (1998); subsequently, after qualifying in the all-India Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineers (GATE), in 2004 he completed successfully a Ph. D. thesis entitled “Transition metal doping of Carbon Nanotubes: Theoretical and Experimental Studies” in Physics from the topmost prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, India. During his Ph.D. study, he managed a remarkable achievement: the publication 15 research papers appearing in peer-reviewed journals, a remarkable achievement by any standards. Immediately after the completion of his Ph. D., MK. Singh joined the Nanotechnology Research and Education Center, University of South Florida, USA; during the one year and a half of the tenure of this position, he filed 2 US patents, published 2 research papers in peer-reviewed journals; and co-supervised 2 Ph. D. students.

In 2006, MK. Singh joined TEMA, University of Aveiro, Portugal as the grantee of a postdoctoral grant (SFRH/BPD/31881/2006) from the Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT), Government of Portugal and worked on the scientific research topic “Synthesis of Nanocrystalline diamond thin film deposition on Si substrate by Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition System for Nano-electronic Device Application” and, later on, received an Auxiliary Investigator position (Cinecia 2007 Program) & Group leader (3-PostDocs; 1-PhD student) in Nanotechnology Research Group, TEMA, University of Aveiro, Portugal, and he is person in-charge of multi-technique (XPS/UPS, AES, LEED) facility at TEMA/UA.

His research interests span over a wide range of Materials Science, Surface Physics and Chemistry Phenomena; NanoEngineering; Nanoelectronics; NanoBio-Interface; Graphene- and other 2D Layered Materials for Nanotechnology and Energy; CVD Diamond thin-film coating; NanoFluids for Heat-transfer & Energy Storage.

He is recently awarded with 2 US patents, published more than 70 research papers in peer-reviewed International Journals (ORCID:; ResearcherID: D-1366-2012; over 1500 citations; h-index: 19), several Book chapters; Invited talks in scientific research organizations; in organizing committee of international conferences. Some of his papers are published in high-impact journals include Scientific Reports (Nature Publisher), ACS Nano, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, IntComm Heat and Mass Transfer, ICHMT, J Thermal Science and Engineering Application, Advanced Functional Materials, Nanoscale, Appl. Phys. Lett., J. Mater. Chem., Carbon, and Chem. Materials, and also cited in Nanotechnology News (Nanowerk, Nanoscienceworks, etc.).

He is Principal Investigator of the Project awarded from FCT, (, Ministry of Science and Technology, Portugal (PTDC/CTM-NAN/121108/2010) “Production of Epitaxial graphene thin film by CVD for electronic device applications 76,140.00€ (01/05/2012- 31/05/2015)” and Bilateral Indo-Portuguese Project (Graphene-Based Flexible, Transparent Electrodes For Organic Light Emitting diodes and Photovoltaics) between University of Aveiro, Portugal and Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India (from 2014-2016). He is also involved as active team member in various National and International Projects (PTDC/CTM-NAN/121108/2010; PTDC/EME-MFE/103051/2008; NANO/NMedAT/0115/2007; PTDC/CTM/100468/2008; PEst-C/EME/UI0481/2011).

In addition, he is winner of “Starting Grant” under FCT Investigator Programme 2013 call, Portuguese Science and Technology (research topic: “Tuning the Electronic Properties of Graphene by gas-phase Plasma Chemistry for Nanoelectronic Gas Sensor Devices” IF/00976/2013; 5-Year research funding programme) through worldwide open comptetion across all scientific areas. Furthermore, he was in organizing committee of the International Conference on Advanced Nano Materials (ANM 2008 & 2010, 2014), Invited speaker in various International conference/meetings, Guest Editor JNN and Visiting Professor at Kazakh National Technical University.

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