Yang Tao

gabinete: 3.2.6
extensão: 26208


Research group: Nanotecnology Research Group (NRD)

short cv

2013- Name of the Facility: FCT, U.Aveiro, Portugal. Department: U.A Mechanic. Major: SOFC,SOEC. Academic Degree: Post-doctor.

2010/2013- Name of the Facility: Beijing HYHZ Co. Ltd.. Department: Clean energy. Major: NA. Academic Degree: Researcher.

2005/2010- Name of the Facility: Beijing University of Technology. Department: Environmental & Energy Engineering. Major: Environmental Science and Engineering. Academic Degree: Ph.D.

2007- Name of the Facility: National Research Council , Vancouver Canada. Department: H2 Energy Engineering. Major: H2 Energy Engineering. Academic Degree: Exchange.

2001/2005- Name of the Facility: Beijing University of Technology (BJUT). Department: Environmental & Energy Engineering. Major: Environmental Science. Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science.


2012.10- Qualification certificate of the senior engineer in waste combustion.

2011.4- Examination qualification certificate of the ISO 9001 14000 16000.

2006.9-2009.9- Received the annual prize for Excellent Research Doc from BJUT four years in a row.

2005.7- Excellent Undergraduate; recommended to graduate school of BJUT.

2004.1 and 2011.4- TOFEL Paper-based 600, iBT 110(highest of the many times test).

2002.1- Passed the College English Test (CET-4 and CET-6) as a freshman.

Published Articles

1.Tao Yang, Dingguo Xia, Ge Chen, Yu Chen, Influence of the surfactant and temperature on the morphology and physico-chemical properties of hydrothermally synthesized composite oxide BiVO4, Materials Chemistry and Physics 114 (2009) 69-72

2.Tao Yang, Dingguo Xia, Zhongli Wang, Yu Chen, A novel anode material of Fe2VO4 for high power Lithium ion battery, Materials Letters 63 (2009) 5-7

3.Tao Yang, Dingguo Xia, Self-assembly of highly crystalline spherical BiVO4 in aqueous solutions, Journal of Crystal Growth, 311: 20, (2009) 4505-4509

4.Tao Yang, Dingguo Xia, Au@BICUVOX10 Composite Cathode for Novel Structure Low Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Journal of Power sources 195(2010)2514-2519.

5.Tao Yang, Lijuan Zhang, Xiang Li and Dingguo Xia, Structural and Morphological Characterization of Gold-Nickel Electrocatalyst Synthesized By Taking Advantage of the AuNi Phase Separation Mechanism, Journal of Alloy and Compounds 492 (2010 ) 83-87

6.Tao Yang, Dingguo Xia, Self-Combustion Synthesis and Oxygen Storage Properties of Mesoporous Gadolinia-doped Ceria Nanotubes, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 123 (2-3) , 816-820

7.Ge Chen, Zhenyao Wang, Tao Yang, Lu Huang and Dingguo Xia Electrocatalytic hydrogenation of 4-chlorophenol on the glassy carbon electrode modified by composite polypyrrole/palladium film, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 110 (10): 4863-4868 2006

8.Zhenyao Wang, Dingguo Xia, Ge Chen, Tao Yang and Yu Chen ,The Effects of Different Acids on the Preparation of TiO2 Nanostructure in Liquid Media at Low Temperature. Materials Chemistry and Physics, 111, 2-3, 313-316, 2008

Patents Issued

1.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia, A co-reduction method for the synthesis of composite cathode for SOFCs. 200810104262.7

2.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia, Yu Chen, Chunyang Yu, Grade-milled method for the preparation of the electrode for Li-ion battery. 200710118945.3

3.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia, Yu Chen , A method of synthesis of the composite oxide BiVO4 catalyst. Febr, 2009. 200710063085.8

4.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia, A method for preparing the Pr oxysulfates/oxysulfides for intermediate temperature SOFCs. 200910077835.6

5.Dingguo Xia, Zhongli Wang, Chuanyang Yu, Tao Yang, A hydrothermal method for preparing LiFePO4 cathode for Li-ion battery. June, 2009. 200710064451.1

6.Dingguo Xia, Yu Chen, Zhongli Wang ,Tao Yang , A method of synthesis of the cathode for Li-ion battery. 200810111676.2


1.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia , Morphology and Photochemical Properties of Hydrothermally Synthesized BiVO4, Hydrogen & Fuel Cells 2007 International Conference and TradeShow in Canada

2.Tao Yang , Dingguo Xia , Mesoporous NiO-Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 used as the electrode for SOFCs, 14th National Solid State Ionics Meeting, 2008, Harbin, China I guarantee that all the above information is true. I will bear full responsibilities in case of the above information is found to be incorrect.

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