Portuguese as a Foreign Language Course 2017

Intensive Portuguese Courses

Summer 2018

Application form

1. Presentation

The Department of Languages and Cultures, University of Aveiro, offers the following Portuguese Intensive Courses in the summer of 2018 :

• Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE: Português Língua Estrangeira).

• 4SPIC - Summer Portuguese Intensive Course

Download the PLE application form here.

For specific information about 4SPIC, click here.

To refer to the overall table with free courses (cursos livres) and payment information, click here.

Note: the final information on the 2018 Summer Intensive Courses (classes and available levels, placement of candidates) will be published here on June 8.

2. This course is aimed at:

These Portugueses courses are available to any foreign citizens whose mother tongue is not Portuguese.

3Course specific Information:

The levels and content of these courses has been determined according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment), which implements the proposals of the Council of Europe for a homogeneous and transparent evaluation system throughout the European Union. In order to meet the specific needs of the students taking these courses, it has been decided that these intensive summer courses should be focused on European languages, including Portuguese (as a foreign language).

Students attend courses of 60 teaching hours. At the end of the course, students who pass will receive a level certificate of the CEFR level they have achieved. This certificate is officially recognized and accredited throughout Europe.


4. Evaluation

In order to be eligible to receive a language certificate for your level in these language courses, it is obligatory to pass the course according to the evaluation criteria set out by the course tutor and according to the regulations in force at the University of Aveiro.

Students who pass their courses according to the evaluation criteria specified, will receive an official certificate of the language level they have achieved.

Students who are not evaluated (by choice or not attending tests/evaluation) or who fail the evaluation, will be given a certificate of attendance, provided they have attended 80% of classes.

5. Timetable 2018

The intensive summer courses will run from June 11 st to July 4th, 2018, from Monday to Thursday on working hours (9:00-12:45 - to confirm). 

There is an online test to advise which level students should attend. To take the test, please contact the Office (dlc-ple @ ua.pt)

Classes will take place on working hours  and there will be 15 hours of classes per week as follows:

- Monday to Thursday

- Classes from 9:00am to 12:45am

Note: the final class will take place on Friday, July 4th.

6. Enrollments and Payments

Enrollments for the Portuguese July summer courses will take place from May 29 to June 8, 2018. Students wishing to enroll must send directly the Course Application Form to the Office email: dlc-ple@ua.pt

Fees are to be paid during the first week of classes as follows:

- either by cheque or Multibanco (cashcard),  in the secretary’s office  of the Department of Languages and Cultures;

- if neither of the above is possible, then there is also an option of payment by cash in the treasury of Human Resources and Finance Department of Aveiro University (1st floor of the Rectory).


7. Admission conditions

Students who have completed a language level at another institution will have to send a copy of this certificate by mail or email. Alternatively, they will have to hand in a copy of the certificate in person. 

Students who have completed at the DLC the level below the one they are applying for just have to contact the PLE office by email or in person and let us know the level attained. the year and the name of the teacher.

There are no pre-requisites for the beginner’s level A1

8. Classes

Students will be allocated to classes on a strictly first come and first served basis and classes will start and open depending on numbers in each of the levels.

9. Organisation

All the Portuguese courses are the responsibility of the Office of Portuguese Language Training (ForLínguas) which is located in the Department of Languages and Cultures on the ground floor (office 2.1.8) and the course representatives are:

Coordinator: Fernando Martinho

Advisor: Filomena Barbosa Amorim

Office: 2.1.8

Email: dlc-ple@ua.pt

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