GEOBIOTEC - General Objectives

General Objectives

Based on well known methods of study in our scientific field and on an excellent laboratorial infrastructure in the areas of geophysics, geochemistry, biology, pedology, petrology, mineralogy, industrial minerals, geomaterials, geotechnics, isotope geology, hydrogeology, structural geology, volcanology and remote sensing, the Unit aims at a better, deeper knowledge of: a) certain aspects of the geology of Portugal (continent and the Azores islands); b) the environmental conditions related to groundwater, rivers, soils, plants and monument stone determined by geogenic and anthropogenic factors in certain areas; c) the exploration, characterisation, processing, specification, application and evaluation of raw materials; d) physical and chemical properties of special clays and sands traditionally used as curative or healing materials; e) physical and chemical degradation mechanisms and products of natural stones, mortars and cements.

última atualização a 18-11-2013
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