GEOBIOTEC - Structure

Geobiotec is organized in three main groups:

EL – Lithospheric Evolution;
CES - Complex Environmental Systems;
3G – Georessources, Geotechnics and Geomaterials.

Each group defines its own scientific and financial strategy. The activities of each group are coordinated by the Head of the Group who is elected by its members. The Head of the RC coordinates the activities of the three research groups, chairs the general meetings and represents the Research Centre at the highest level.

The EL - Lithospheric Evolution group has two main thematic areas of research:

  1. Igneous and metamorphic petrology, mineral chemistry, tectonics and isotope geology of the Iberian Variscan basement in Portugal;
  2.  Petrology of the volcanic rocks of the Azores islands.
It has also been involved in the implementation and coordination of a mass-spectrometry analytical facility in the University of Aveiro.

CES – Complex Environmental Systems group has been working for a long time in diversified fields such as: Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Soil Sciences, Ecology, Taxonomy and ultra-structure of fresh water algae.

The group has four main thematic areas of research:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment,

  • Establishment of River Reference Conditions,

  • Hydrogeology and Hidrochemistry,

  • Applied Geophysical Survey.

3G – Georesources, Geotechnics and Geomaterials group is dedicated to:

  1. Georessources (industrial minerals, thermal waters);

  2. Geotechnics (soil and rock geotechnical properties, environmental geotechnics),

  3. Geomaterials (new applications of classic materials, inc. wastes/residues; new materials, inc. nanomaterials)

  4. Applied and environmental geology (geomedecine, coastal and marine geology and engineering geology, urban geology, risk assessment and remediation).

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