selected papers

  1. Source and pathway analysis of lead and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Lisbon urban soils
  2. Influence of pH, layer charge location and crystal thickness distribution on U(VI) sorption onto heterogeneous dioctahedral smectite
  3. Bentonite as a natural additive for lime and lime–metakaolin mortars used for restoration of adobe buildings
  4. Preparation, characterization and application in controlled release of Ibuprofen-loaded Guar Gum/Montmorillonite Bionanocomposites
  5. Sediment generation on a volcanic island with arid tropical climate: A perspective based on geochemical maps of topsoils and stream sediments from Santiago Island, Cape Verde
  6. Plants to harvest rhenium: scientific and economic viability
  7. Cadomian (Ediacaran – Cambrian) arc magmatism in the ChahJam – Biarjmand metamorphic complex (Iran): Magmatism along the northern active margin of Gondwana
  8. Distinct sources for syntectonic Variscan granitoids: Insights from the Aguiar da Beira region, Central Portugal
  9. Metallogenesis at the Terramonte Pb – Zn – Ag quartz vein, Portugal: Geological, mineralogical and geochemical evidences
  10. The prediction of PAHs bioavailability in soils using chemical methods: State of the art and future challenges
  11. Water quality assessment of rivers using diatom metrics across Mediterranean Europe: A methods intercalibration exercise
  12. Metal fractionation in topsoils and bed sediments in the Mero River rural basin: Bioavailability and relationship with soil and sediment properties
  13. Phytoplankton dynamics in relation to seasonal variability and upwelling and relaxation patterns at the mouth of Ria de Aveiro (West Iberian Margin) over a four-year period
  14. The Fall of Oil Prices and the Effects on Biofuels
  15. Angolan ichnosite in a diamond mine shows the presence of a large terrestrial mammaliamorph, a crocodylomorph, and sauropod dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous of Africa

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