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The Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability Research Group analysis the factors underlying the economic efficiency of the production systems, subject to constraints related to a sustainable use of resources and conservation of the environment, including problems and needs of firms and regions. The challenges for firms are enhanced in a context of economic crisis, so conducting the research in themes related to competitiveness gains greater emphasis.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the line develops state of the art research, launches initiatives with economic and social impact and relevance, and should promote the linkages with the external environment. The projects and initiatives fall on dynamic factors of competitiveness of regions, enterprises and organizations, especially in the following areas, in which members have been already developing work: energy and sustainability, natural resources, economics and international business, innovation patterns of sectors and regions, lean management, management of the supply chain, operations management, logistics and transport, quality management, human resources management, critical skills and literacy of citizens, that altogether support economic development. The work is supported by FCT funding, by projects, research and/or industry based contracts.

The activities undertaken should potentiate the expansion, in number and quality, of international publications and attendance of conferences, and should also be of economic and social relevance.

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