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About us

The Research Group on Public Policies, Institutions and Innovation (PI2) analyses a diverse yet connected range of topics, such as political institutions and institutional choice; transparency and integrity; electoral behaviour; the interaction between parties and public administration; local and regional governance; territorial systems of innovation; urban and regional planning; health systems and policy; demographics; migration policies; education and social policies; and the interaction of public policy with information and communication technologies.

For the past years, members of the PI2 research group have participated in a quite significant number of international and national research projects with both scientific and policy-advice goals, the latter being particularly focused on the Centro Region of Portugal and the Inter-municipal Community of Aveiro, resulting in a wide variety of publications. The research group has also been devoted to expanding its international research networks, an example being the membership in the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR).

The team is composed of senior researchers, both full and associate members, from different institutional backgrounds, as well as a significant number of Ph.D. and MSc students. The group coordination is currently assured by Carlos Jalali and Carlos Rodrigues, who are assisted by Luís Mota. 

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