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The Tourism Development research unit analyses regional innovation systems in a specific sector of paramount importance to the Portuguese economy, that is tourism. As such, GOVCOPP tourism research is deeply related with the territorial structure and its dimensions, which are linked to natural and built heritage and to an appropriate supply of services and infrastructure.

Supported by a very active group of researchers, the Tourism Development unit carries out in-depth research in a wide-ranging scope of topics, including social tourism, gender and tourism labour, health and wellness tourism, spa and thermal tourism, rural tourism, senior tourism, networks, innovation, community development, disability tourism and marine tourism. Armed with comprehensive expertise in qualitative and quantitative analysis, Tourism Development researchers constantly strive to create and maintain links with regional, national and international, private and public bodies, in the tourism industry through their involvement in externally-funded projects. This results in numerous high quality scientific publications and the dissemination of research results through holding and attending various scientific events both in Portugal and internationally.

A vibrant community of PhD and Masters students complement the Tourism Development research unit’s activities, allowing for the exchange of ideas and the development of joint research projects on innovative topics that are particularly relevant to GOVCOPP’s strategic goals of sustainable regional development.

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