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Systems for Decision Support Research Group aims to develop expertise in the design and deployment of methods and techniques coming from statistics and operational research to support complex decision making processes, namely in the areas related to the research unit’s activities, such as Supply Chain Reengineering and Regional Science and Urban Economics.

Within Supply Chain Reengineering area, the research projects and initiatives fall on Competitiveness and Innovation, Purchasing and Supply Management, Manpower Planning, Internal Operations Planning and Control, Inventory Control, Storage and Warehouse Operations, Delivery and Return, Systems Modelling and Process Reengineering. In the scope of the Regional Science and Urban Economics area, most of the research work relies on Spatial Development Strategies, Demand Responsive Transport, Mass Transit Systems, Passenger Information, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Energy and Environmental Economics, Demography and Population, Real Estate and Housing Markets, Education and Higher Education, Employment and Qualifications.

The research group is composed by members with different but complementary backgrounds, from regional and urban planners, economists to industrial engineers. Despite the relative youth and reduced dimension of this research group, its members already supervised a significant number of master and doctoral theses, also integrating or being responsible for several approved research projects, some of them with other universities and with firms.

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