To become an exchange student you must first be nominated by your home University. It is the responsibility of the International Office or the Departmental/Faculty exchange coordinator of your home University to send your nomination to UA.

Application Procedure

In order to apply to the University of Aveiro as an exchange student you must fill in the Application Form online and upload the following application documents:

• Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies (according to ECTS Users Guide - download sample) or Traineeships (download sample),

• Non Erasmus Learning Agreement for Studies (download sample) or Traineeships (download sample).

(It is not obligatory to use this sample Learning Agreement template - ask your home University if they use any specific template for the Learning Agreement. UA will accept it as long as it fufills the requirements of the Erasmus+ programme. However, we reserve the right to refuse to sign more than one Learning Agreement per student.)

• Transcript of Academic Records (please obtain a Transcript from your home University)


The deadlines for submitting application documents for mobility for studies are:

• 31 May if you are planning to start your studies in the First Semster or for a Full Year
• 15 November if you are planning to start your studies in the Second Semester
• 6 weeks before intended start date of ERASMUS+ Traineeship

Please note...

• All the documents must be in PDF format (200dpi minimum resolution, paper size A4, scale 100%).
• Before applying you must be sure that you have all the required documents.
• Please apply as early as possible.

Prolonging your stay

If you are spending the first semester (September to January) here at UA and think that you would like to prolong your stay for another semester, please submit a Learning Agreement for Studies by filling in the "during the mobility" table indicating the course units you would like to take in the second semester. No need for any signatures at this phase. The deadlines are:

• 15 December - submit the learning agreement for studies ("during the mobility" table)
• 15 January - decision on whether you are admitted or not

Unfortunately we cannot accept all the students who want to prolong their stay because there are limitations in our inter-institutional agreements with your home University on the numbers we can exchange. However, if you are not accepted as an exchange student, you can ask to be considered as a fee-paying visiting student. For further information, please contact the International Office desk.


last updated 27/11/2018
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