Arrivals and Welcome

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Before you travel to UA Contact your Departmental Coordinator by e-mail to make an appointment to meet him/her, preferably during the first week of your arrival.

Activate your Universal User account (e-mail) at

 When you arrive at UA Meet the staff of the international office which is located in Building 25, and sign the arrivals list (obligatory)

Get the stamp and signature of the international office on your certificate of arrival (if you need one!).

Meet the students of the ESN and your Buddy at the ESN desk.

Meet your Departmental Coordinator at his/her office.
After your meeting with your Departmental Coordinator
(and no later than 1 week after you arrive at UA)
Confirm your registration by handing in the necessary documentation at the International Office.
Up to 30 days after you arrive at UA Go to CGD bank on campus to collect your student ID card

Change your choice of course units (with the consent of your departmental coordinator)

Student Card

The Student ID card is used for identification on Campus if ever required. You can request a definitive Student ID Card at the campus branch of Caixa Geral de Depósitos Bank located at building 6. Please take your provisional student ID card and your Passport with you. Note that even though the Student ID card is produced by the bank, you have no requirement to have an account there. Opening an account is optional.

E-mail and IT services

Before you come to Portugal, please take some time to set up your personal account using your personal activation key (sent to you by e-mail before you come to Portugal). Simply go to and choose “account activation”. The activation key is your personal code to create your “Universal User” identification at UA (i.e. your login and password for all the electronic platforms and services like moodle, the academic portal, e-mail, wi-fi etc.). To access your UA e-mail account, go to


last updated 22/03/2018
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