Campus Europae Students

Applying to UA in the Campus Europae programme

Campus Europae is an initiative of the European Unviersity Foundation (EUF) under the patronage of the government of Luxembourg.

The deadline for applications is 31 May. Please read the General and Specific Application Procedures carefully. If you are interested in coming to UA on a Campus Europae exchange, we recommend that you contact the Campus Europeae subject area coordinator for information on the academic recognition procedures and the study options available at the University of Aveiro.

Subject Areas in Campus Europae at UA

- Biochemistry (coordinator: Prof.a Doutora Sílvia Rocha);
- Biologia (coordinator: Prof.a Doutora Etelvina Figueira);
- Electronics Engineering (subject committee rep: Professor António Nogueira);
- Teacher Training (coordinator: Prof.a Doutora Manuela Gonçalves);
- Management and Economics (coordinator: Prof.a Doutora Elisabeth Pereira);
- Physics (coordinator: Prof.ª Doutora Maria do Rosário Pimenta Correia);
- Applied Languages, Political Science (coordinator: Prof.a Doutora Gillian Moreira);
- Tourism studies (coordinator: Prof. Zélia Breda).

Further details on the study programmes are available in the University of Aveiro course catalog.

Campus Europae offers much more...

  • Learning Employability Placements (LEP) Find out more
  • Online language learning and a 3-week intensive language course
    Campus Europae Students who participate in the HOOK_UP! project (online language learning) are invited to participate in an Intensive Portuguese Language Course starting on August 26th and lasting until September 13th. This intensive language course is for Campus Europae students only. There is no tuition fee, however students are expected to pay for their own maintenance costs (accommodation, meals, transport...). Participants are informed of the details by e-mail in early July.
  • Portuguese Language Classes throughout the semester. Find out more
  • Campus Europae has its very own student network called Clube d'Europe. Find out more

Campus Europae coordinator

Your Campus Europae local coordinator at the Unviersity of Aveiro is Niall Power

last updated 25/06/2015
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