Erasmus Mundus

Created in 2004, ERASMUS MUNDUS (EM) is a European Union education programme designed to foster cooperation among European higher education institutions and to increase the visibility and  attractiveness of Europe as a destination for advanced education and training. The programme supports high quality Masters and PhD programmes aswell as mobility projects, providing attractive scholarships for students and staff who wish to participate. A full list of ERASMUS MUNDUS courses and information on scholarship opportunities can be found on the official ERASMUS MUNDUS website of the European Commission.

The University of Aveiro currently participates in 5 ERASMUS MUNDUS joint programmes plus 1 ERASMUS MUNDUS Mobility project, listed below. These links will direct you out of the UA webpages to the individual programme webpages.

Joint Master Programmes

» JEMES Ci_SU – Joint European Master Programme in Environmental Studies - Cities and Sustainability
» FAME - Functionalised Advanced Materials and Engineering
» IMACS - International Master in Advanced Clay Science

Joint PhD Programmes

» MACOMA - Joint Erasmus Mundus PhD in Marine and Coastal Management
» MARES - Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation

Mobility Projects

» Eurasian University Network for International Cooperation in Earthquakes (EU-NICE)




last updated 05/04/2017
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