Healthcare Services
  • The Centro de Sáude (Health Centre), located close to the University Campus, is run through the National Health System, providing general healthcare services to the public. In case of sudden illness studnets should go there.
  • Aveiro District Hospital is also run through the National Health System and is located across the road from the University Campus. The emergency section of the hospital is open 24 hours a day.
  • The University medical Office is located on Campus. The service offers general practice, nursing, psychology and gynaecology services
  • Apart from the public services mentioned, there is a wide variety of private medical care available in Aveiro (general practice, dentists etc.), with reduced rates for University of Aveiro students and staff.
Payments and healthcare insurance
Healthcare must always be paid for, either directly by the patient or by means of a health insurance policy. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she has an adequate health insurance policy.

Social Security System
Many students can benefit from the international agreements in which Portugal participates in order to gain access to the Portuguese Social Security System, and through it to the National Health System, particularly within the framework of bilateral and multilateral country agreements. For further information about conventions and agreements that give access to the Portuguese social security system, please contact the social security services in your home country before travelling to Portugal.

Most pharmacies in Aveiro are open daily up to 19h00. Special 24-hour services are made available by pharmacies on a rotation basis.

For the purposes of entering, residing and studying in Portuguese territory, there are no statutory requirements with respect to vaccination.
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