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gabriela moura
biographical description

Gabriela is invited auxiliary professor of the health sciences department of the University of Aveiro and coordinates the Genome Biology Group of iBiMED. She did a PhD in BiomedicalSciences in 2000 at the University of Porto (IBCAS-Porto), joined the Aveiro RNA Biology laboratory as a post-doctoral researcher in 2000, became Assistance Researcher in 2008 (FCT) and Invited Auxiliary Professor in 2015.

e-mail: gmoura@ua.pt  | tel: +351 234 247 249| ext: 22155


research interests
Her current research focus on Evolutionary and Comparative Genomics and she is particularly interested in understanding how genomes adapt to long term proteotoxic stress. The Aveiro Genome Biology group is equipped with an Ion Proton genome sequencer and works in close collaboration with the Aveiro Bioinformatics group coordinated by José L. Oliveira (Aveiro Bioinformatics). Gabriela is also interested in understanding how mRNA primary structure variables affect protein biosynthesis accuracy and rate and she is trying to clarify how those variables impact on protein aggregation, gene evolution and human diseases. Gabriela is member of the GenomePortugal consortium where she plays an active role in the implementation of the consortium action plan. She is developing and implementing software pipelines to identify SNPs, CNVs, indels, LOH features and epigenetic markers in eukaryotic genomes.

selected publications
Bezerra, A.R., Simões, J., Lee, W., Rung, J., Weil, T., Gut, I.G., Gut, M., Bayés, M., Rizzetto, L., Cavalieri, D., Giovannini, G., Bozza, S., Romani, L., Kapushesky, M., Moura, G. R. and Santos, M.A.S. 2013. Reversion of a fungal genetic code alteration links proteome instability with genomic and phenotypic diversification. PNAS. 110 (27), 11079-11084.

 2. Gaspar, P., Moura, G., Santos, M.A.S. and Oliveira, J.L. 2013. mRNA secondary structure optimization using a correlated stem-loop prediction. Nucleic Acids Res.. 41 (6), e73.

3. Gomes, A.C., Miranda, I., Silva, R.M., Moura, G., Thomas, B., Akoulitchev, A. and Santos, M.A.S. 2007. A genetic code alteration generates a proteome of high diversity in the human pathogen Candida albicans. Genome Biol. 8, R206.

4. Moura, G., Pinheiro, M., Silva, R., Miranda, I., Afreixo, V., Dias, G., Freitas, A., Oliveira, J.L. and Santos, M.A.S. 2005. Comparative context analysis of codon pairs on an ORFeome scale. Genome Biol. 6: R28(1-14).

5. Massey, S.E., Moura, G., Beltrão, P., Almeida, R., Garey, J.R., Tuite, M.F. and Santos, M.A.S. 2003. Comparative evolutionary genomics unveils the molecular mechanism of reassignment of the CTG codon in Candida spp. Genome Res. 13, 544-557.

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