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luisa helguero
biographical description

Luisa Helguero graduated in Biology (1998) and completed a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology (2002) at the University of Buenos Aires. She then moved to Sweden to do a Post-doc at the Karolinska Institut (KI), and became Senior scientist at KI. She is interested in the study of nuclear receptors and their role in cell adhesion in the mammary gland and in breast cancer. She moved to Portugal in 2009 and was appointed Research Associate at University of Aveiro, where she created the Hormones & Cancer Group.

e-mail: luisa.helguero@ua.pt


research interests
Our main interest is to identify the cellular mechanisms behind breast cancer development and progression, and which could be tackled for prevention or targeted therapy. Our current research focuses on understanding cell differentiation, endocrine resistance, and dissecting cell metabolic pathways altered during cancer progression.

selected publications
Monteiro FL, Baptista T, Amado F, Vitorino R, Jerónimo C, Helguero LA. (2014). Expression and functionality of histone H2A variants in cancer. Oncotarget. Jun 15;5(11):3428-43.

 2. Dória ML, Ribeiro AS, Wang J, Cotrim CZ, Domingues P, Williams C, Domingues MR, Helguero LA (2014). Fatty acid and phospholipid biosynthetic pathways are regulated throughout mammary epithelial cell differentiation and correlate to breast cancer survival. FASEB J. 2014 Oct;28(10):4247-64.

3. Cotrim CZ, Fabris V, Doria ML, Lindberg K, Gustafsson JÅ, Amado F, Lanari C, Helguero LA (2013). Estrogen receptor beta growth-inhibitory effects are repressed through activation of MAPK and PI3K signalling in mammary epithelial and breast cancer cells. Oncogene. 9;32(19):2390-402.

4. Helguero LA, Lindberg K, Gardmo C, Schwend T, Gustafsson JA, Haldosén LA (2008). Different roles of estrogen receptors alpha and beta in the regulation of E-cadherin protein levels in a mouse mammary epithelial cell line. Cancer Res. 68(21):8695-704.

5. Helguero LA, Faulds MH, Gustafsson JA, Haldosén LA (2005). Estrogen receptors alfa (ERalpha) and beta (ERbeta) differentially regulate proliferation and apoptosis of the normal murine mammary epithelial cell line HC11. Oncogene, 6;24(44):6605-16.

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