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ana margarida sousa
biographical description

Ana Margarida is a Researcher and Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Medical Sciences. She obtained the PhD from the Faculty of Sciences (Lisbon University) in 2008, moved to the Gulbenkian Institute of Science for a Post-doc in 2009 and has recently joined the iBiMED (2016). Her research work has included the evolution of antibiotic resistance, the transition between commensalism and pathogenesis and the microbial adaptive process in the mammalian intestine.

e-mail: amsousa@ua.pt   | tel: +351 234 372 436 | ext: 27138


research interests
The mammalian gut microbiota, i.e. the community of microorganisms that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract, is known to have a huge influence upon host physiology, behavior and health. On the other hand, the high stability of this community during adulthood is decreased upon aging. Furthermore it can be strongly affected by a number of factors: e.g. the microbial species acquired at birth, host diet, immunological factors and antibiotic use. We use an evolutionary approach to understand how much of this equilibrium is affected by microbial evolution (e.g. increases in mutation rates). This involves testing the effect of diet and antibiotic use in target bacterial strains artificially introduced into the gut microbiota. The tools we use to address this problem include animal models of gut colonization (mice), genome resequencing, in vitro testing of evolved strains and genetic manipulation of target bacterial strains.

selected publications
Lourenço M, Ramiro RS, Güleresi D, Barroso-Batista J, Xavier KB, Gordo I and Sousa A. “A Mutational Hotspot and Strong Selection Contribute to the Order of Mutations Selected for during Escherichia coli Adaptation to the Gut”. Cooper TF, editor. PLOS Genet.( 2016) 12: e1006420

 2. Barroso-Batista J, Sousa A, Lourenço M, Bergman M-L, Sobral D, Demengeot J, et al. “The First Steps of Adaptation of Escherichia coli to the Gut Are Dominated by Soft Sweeps”. Coop G, editor. PLoS Genet. (2014) 10: e1004182.

3. Miskinyte M, Sousa A, Ramiro RS, de Sousa JAM, Kotlinowski J, Caramalho I, et al. “The Genetic Basis of Escherichia coli Pathoadaptation to Macrophages”. Monack DM, editor. PLoS Pathog. (2013);9: e1003802

4. Sousa A, Magalhães S, Gordo I. “Cost of antibiotic resistance and the geometry of adaptation”. Mol Biol Evol. (2012) 29: 1417–1428.

5. Trindade S, Sousa A, Xavier KB, Dionisio F, Ferreira MG, Gordo I. “Positive Epistasis Drives the Acquisition of Multidrug Resistance”. Zhang J, editor. PLoS Genet. (2009) 5: e1000578.

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