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The iBiMED is a small multidisciplinary research unit of high research intensity composed of 31 integrated members; 107 researchers, including PhD students, clinicians and technical staff. It is organized as a single research team of 18 PIs (9 senior and 9 young PIs), originating from various departments of the University of Aveiro, namely Health Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics and Computing, and three international PIs funded by the Ilidio Pinho Foundation. The organization in a single research team is embedded in the UA culture of promoting multidisciplinary research, sharing research facilities available across the UA campus, promote new research values and a new scientific culture based on bringing together scientists from different disciplines to achieve common goals.

 The iBiMED is organized on the basis of scientific questions rather than research lines, divisions or groups. Open space laboratories, meeting rooms and regular seminars, workshops and journal clubs are organized to promote exchange ideas, share research materials and produce effective collaborations. There is a new working culture where project, masters, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and independent scientists are trained to discuss ideas and working hypothesis openly.

Its main goals are to advance knowledge on human biology and human diseases, improve the quality of life and the quality of health care provision through advanced research programs. The iBiMED is committed to high quality biomedical and medical science and provide research opportunities to the best students and young scientists.


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