The iBiMED is committed to high quality science. Our strategy is to focus on the best students and bring together highly qualified biologists, clinicians, chemists, physicists, mathematicians and computing engineers to inspire creativity and potentiate innovation. The complexity of ageing and ageing related diseases provides an ideal platform for developing new multidisciplinary methods and technologies to produce the research breakthroughs needed for advancing knowledge and improve diagnostics and therapeutics. iBiMED scientists are already innovating in different research fields. A high throughput screening assay based on cell arrays and high content confocal microscopy for the identification of genes and drugs that modulate protein aggregation, a patented data mining and analysis methodology that outperforms current algorithms, a technology to monitor protein synthesis in vivo by confocal microscopy, patented inhibitors of the PP1/GADD34 complex for immunosuppression and new methods and biomarkers for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer´s and dementia diseases have already been developed.

Our strategic priorities are the following:
1) Recruit the best students and young scientists.
2) Promote scientific independence, collaborative work and freedom of ideas.
3) Inspire creativity and promote high quality research through implementation of best practices and internationalization.
4) Promote translational medicine to improve the quality of life.
5) Innovate for promoting job creating through research spin offs.
6) Engage the public and national health services communities in science initiatives.


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