At iBiMED we strongly believe that our work can make important contributions to the quality of life, the regional and national economy. Fixation of highly qualified scientists and creation of qualified jobs through research spinoffs are important priorities for us. Involving the local community, hospitals, schools and organizations in Science and Society initiatives and working with regional and national R&D centers is being actively promoted through multiple initiatives, organized in close collaboration with the University of Aveiro Research and External affairs Offices. We are working actively to develop research projects, promote seminars and workshops involving local schools, health centers and hospitals for the public understanding of science.

Our priorities are the following:
1) Develop a science education program to inspire children and young people.
2) Bring Science to the local community in general.
3) Work with regional and national hospitals, health Centers and R&D centers to translate research results into innovations capable of producing technology spinoffs and qualified jobs.

última atualização a 14-06-2016
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