The iBiMED researchers have access to the University of Aveiro mass-spectrometry platform housed by the Chemistry Department (http://masspec.web.ua.pt). This platform is equipped with Q-Tof II (Micromass), LXQ (Thermo), 4800 MALDI Tof-Tof (AB), (Thermo) and is routinely used to identify proteins, lipids and metabolites



The Proteomics facility  supports pipelines for protein identification, quantification (iTRAQ, Label-free) and characterization of post-translational modifications (PTMs) as well as bioinformatics tools to interpret, mine, and retrieve biological meaning from protein datasets.

The objective of metabolomics is to measure the thousands of metabolites present in cells, tissues and biological fluids to provide a snap-shot of the physiology of a biological system and how it is impacted by environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors, therapeutics and pathologies. Metabolomics is a powerful methodology to identify novel metabolites and metabolic pathways. It also allows for mapping metabolic flux activity through stable isotope labeling.  

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