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Advanced courses on topics where iBiMED researchers have specific expertise are run during the academic year. They are organized in a modular intensive manner, normally run for 1 week to 10 days and may be theoretical or include practical classes, depending on the research topic. International experts in specific scientific methods and instruments or research topics are invited to talk about their expertise. These courses are open to researchers from other national and international institutions, may be organized in a Workshop or Summer School format and are supported by iBiMED´s Research Facilities. Some of these courses have ECTS credits that can be directly credited in most national and international PhD programs.

Advanced Courses 2016 [pdf]
[20 - 24 june] OMICs in Biomedicine: Linking genes and metabolites [pdf]
[18 - 22 july] Protein-Protein Interactions in Medical Research [pdf]
[26 - 30 september] Genomics in Neurobiology [pdf]
[24 - 28 october] Molecular Immunology [pdf]
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