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The regulation of the animal house facility is available for consultation in Portuguese - Regulamento Interno and in English - Operating rules (download PDF).

The iBiMED animal house facility has implemented the legislation in force, namely the European Directive 2010/63/UE and the Portuguese Decreto-Lei nº 113/2013, of 7th August.



Researchers wishing to use animals for scientific purposes at the iBiMED animal house should first consult via e-mail dcm-bioterio@ua.pt the availability of the animal house to carry out their projects. It should be noted that researchers must hold a FELASA Category C equivalency.

All the projects to be developed in the animal house facility, using animals for research or teaching purposes must be evaluated by the Ethical Commission of Department of Medical Science’s Animal Welfare Body - CEDCM-BEA.

Researchers who wish to submit a project for evaluation by the Animal Welfare Body must fill the Project submission form to CEDCM-BEA and submit online, along with the requested documentation, to cs-ibimed-etica@ua.pt.

Upon CEDCM-BEA favourable opinion, the projects with procedures must be submitted to the Portuguese competent authority the Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária – DGAV, for approval to perform the procedures within the project using animals.

In order to clarify the definition of procedure or the need for project submission and authorization by the DGAV, consult the legislation Decreto-Lei nº113/2013 of 7th August.

Researchers are responsible for:

- To purchase the animals required for their projects;

- To purchase the specific consumables for their projects;

- To pay an animal’s housing fee (consult cost table);

- To provide human resources to contribute for the animal’s maintenance and surveillance besides to perform the specific procedures.

It will only be possible to enter animals in the animal house after the evaluation of the sanitary certificate of the colony from which they come. The certificate should be recent and its validity will depend on the agents concerned. The process will be simplified when the animals come from recognized producers.



All users should hold a certificate on Laboratory Animal Science Category B or C, which authorises the person to carry out procedures on animals or to design procedures and projects, respectively, and the corresponding DGAV authorization.

Users should first be trained, on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) specific for the animal house, by the technician before start using animals.

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