INVTUR 2012 International Conference

Tourism in times of change: Knowledge and practices paving the way for the future

University of Aveiro, Portugal

May 16th – 19th, 2012

The University of Aveiro is proud to announce the INVTUR 2012 Conference "Tourism in times of change: Knowledge and practices paving the way for the future".

In 2010 the first edition of the INVTUR Conference attracted academics from 25 countries, 335 authors, and more than 700 participants. The Journal of Tourism and Development (‘Revista de Turismo & Desenvolvimento’) published a total of 196 works, organised in 77 full-papers, 93 extended abstracts, and the summary of 26 posters. All papers were subject to double-blind review, following international standards. The INVTUR 2010 Conference was the largest tourism academic conference ever organised inPortugal and one of the largest in the world.

The INVTUR Conference that will be held in May 2012 will focus on the role that tourism may play in a present world dominated by economic uncertainty and social crisis. The world is facing unprecedented changes: economic recession; financial emergency; growing rates of unemployment; uncertainty about future directions for society; difficulty of governments to establish orientations and policies for the future; emergence of new organisational frameworks to tackle public deficits and create new forms of governance; uncertainty and disenchantment of the communities towards the future.

The characteristics of the tourism industry offer great potential for the business and governments to find new directions for the future: the tourism sector depends on a network of industries; it is a labour rather than a capital intensive industry; its success depends very much on the involvement of the local communities; while it is undeniable that tourism stimulates the development of forms of modernity, its success also depends on its capacity to be based on fine economic rationales and efficiency, traditions, local fabric, and on safe and protected natural and cultural environments.

The INVTUR 2012 International Conference will be positioned as a conference where academics, researchers and practitioners will be presenting, and discussing, knowledge, experiences and best-practices illustrating how tourism may assist the economy and the society in times of change and uncertainty. The outputs of the conference will be of particular interest for academics and researchers to set up new research and teaching agendas, and for the industry and governments to find new sources of knowledge to give them competitive advantage in a world where they must be more innovative, efficient and effective. 

The official languages of the conference are english and portuguese. 

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