Research@ua 2010

Research@ua 2010

The University's researchers are actively engaged in a wide variety of cutting-edge investigation with high impact in society, outreaching the objectives of the European Research Area.On the university's Research Day some of the outstanding research outcomes achieved were presented and shared by postgrad students, researchers and professors. Please find them below. 

1. word from the rector | Pdf

2. message from the vice-rector |Pdf

3. research highlights the square kilometer array | Pdf
new developments in nanotechnology |Pdf
assessment of water quality in the alqueva reservoir (portugal) using bioassays | Pdf 
paper minesweeper | Pdf
the numerical and real inversion formula of the Laplace transform | Pdf
high diversity of frenulates (polychaeta: siboglinidae) in the gulf of cadiz mud volcanoes: a DNA taxonomy analysis | Pdf
the proton radius conundrum | Pdf
climate-driven changes in air quality over europe by the end of the 21st century, with special reference to Portugal | Pdf
quantum cryptography | Pdf
cognitive radio (plus 2010 award) | Pdf
characterization of mitochondrial proteome in pathophysiological conditions | PdfGPON in a BOX | Pdf
retrieval of the alzheimer’s amyloid precursor protein from the endosome to the TGN occurs via the retromer and is dependent on -protein phosphorylation | Pdf
system of seven planets discovered | Pdf
metabolic signatures of lung cancer unveiled by NMR-based metabonomics | Pdf
luminescent nanothermometers for long-term absolute measurements | Pdf
strong piezoelectricity in peptide nanotubes | Pdf 
galapro – education of trainers for intercomprehension in romance languages | Pdf
minor composition changes for major impact on tolerance to reactive gases | Pdf
novel porphyrin macrocysles and polyhydroxylated 2,3-diaryl-9H-xanthen-9-ones: synthesis, biological evaluation, applications and patents | Pdf 
improving cellulase activity for cellulose hydrolysis towards the future production of second generation bio-ethanol | Pdf
new developments in clinical biomechanics | Pdf
mudbag: heated electrode for applying treatment based on geomaterials alone or incorporated into dermoproducts (creams, ointments, lotions) and/or drugs | Pdf 
urbsoil-lisbon: geochemical survey of lisbon urban soils: a baseline for future human health studies | Pdf
social iTV applications | Pdf

4. 2010 in review
PhD and Master theses | Pdf
SCI papers | Pdf
patents (national and international) | Pdf 
budget | Pdf
people | Pdf
research centres | Pdf

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