Research@ua 2011

Research@ua 2011

Following last year’s successful first edition of research@ua, the yearly magazine that summarises the most relevant r&d results of the University of Aveiro (UA), this second edition is  part of the on-going efforts to better disseminate the excellence in the research developed at the UA.

1. a word from the rector| pdf

2. message from the vice-rector| pdf

3. research highlights

01- Kissing organelles – new dynamic behaviour of peroxisomes | pdf
02- OC/EC ratio observations in Europe: Re-thinking the approach for apportionment between primary and secondary organic carbon | pdf
03- Women in Higher Education Management (WHEM) | pdf
04- Modulating sperm mobility | pdf
05- Slow Release of NO by Microporous Titanosilicate ETS-4 | pdf
06- Human-related factors regulate the spatial ecology of domestic cats in sensitive areas for conservation | pdf
07- Unveiling the structural basis for translational ambiguity tolerance in a human fungal pathogen | pdf
08- Mineral Composition of Atmospheric Dust in Santiago Island, Republic of Cape Verde | pdf
09- Characterization and prediction of biomass pyrolysis products | pdf
10- Supported ionic liquid silica nanoparticles are excellent heterogeneous catalysts for the dehydration of fructose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural | pdf
11- Direct imaging of Joule heating dynamics and temperature profiling inside a carbon nanotube interconnect | pdf
12- Inversion of the noisy Radon transform on SO(3) by Gabor frames and sparse recovery principles | pdf
13- Nd isotope composition of marine sediments as a tracer for iceberg provenance in the last glaciation | pdf
14- Piezoelectric PLLA as a platform for tissue growth | pdf
15- Asymptotics of Orthogonal Polynomials for a weight with a jump on [-1,+1] | pdf
16- Promotion of Students’ Mobility in Europe: an innovative study in a virtual environment | pdf
17- CO2 emission allowances and other fuel markets interaction | pdf
18- Mobility between Heterogeneous Networks | pdf
19- SARDANA- first time demo of 1000 clients on a single reconfigurable passive Optical Access Network | pdf
20- Zirconia based phosphors | pdf
21- International stock market indices comovements: a new look | pdf
22- Sampling in engineering and mathematics | pdf
23- Why does Mercury spins as it does? | pdf
24- Absent words in genomic sequences | pdf
25- Designing nanoparticles for electronics | pdf
26- Distributed Broadband Wireless Systems based on Optical Infrastructure | pdf
27- Allergic asthma on the breath: Metabolomics brings diagnosis a step closer | pdf
28- Organic Synthesis. New products with potential applications | pdf
29- Mass spectrometry approaches to study breast cancer | pdf
30- An alternative to kinematic hardening in classical plasticity | pdf
31- Integrated biomimetic carbon nanotube composites for in vivo systems | pdf

4. 2011 in review
PhD and master theses| pdf
SCI papers| pdf
international projects| pdf
intellectual property| pdf
budget| pdf
people| pdf
research centres| pdf

5. The Research Support Office | pdf

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