Apply the new authorization code for SPSS

These directions assume that you are logged in to your computer with Administrative level access, and that you have an internet connection.
Mac users: The License Authorization wizard only works if you are logged in to the computer with Administrator access. The wizard will not prompt Mac users for more privileged access.
  1. Start the SPSS License Authorization Wizard.
  2. Mac: see Applications > IBM > SPSS > Statistics > 24/25
    Windows 7: see the Start Menu > All Programs > IBM SPSS Statistics
    Windows 8/10: see the Apps View
  3. License status may display. Select "Next" as needed to move to a "Product Authorization" dialog box.
  4. Select "Authorized user licence" and then "Next".
  5. Enter the Authorization Code (from the email message you received from sTIC*).
    An "Internet Authorization Status" dialog box should show "Authorization succeeded."
  6. Select "Next" to display a "Licensing Completed" dialog. New expiration dates will be listed.
  7. Select "Finish."
*If you did not receive a message from sTIC and you are a member of the UA running SPSS and have filled de online form, please create an Incidente in .

Successful renewal of license, but SPSS still has error code for expired license

A message says that my licensing was successfully completed and installed; however, a message below that says, "No licenses found for IBM SPSS Statistics XX." When I open SPSS on my computer, the same error code appears as if my license renewal did not communicate to the program. What can I do?


  1. Please navigate into SPSS Statistics XX installation folder, delete the old license file which name is ‘lservrc’ without quotes. The default directory is:
    Windows User: C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\XX OR: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\XX
    Mac user: /Applications/IBM/SPSS/Statistics/XX/
  2. Repeat the authorization process: Launch SPSS Statistics XX License Authorization Wizard and enter your authorization code to relicense this product.
  3. Then, reboot the computer and turn off firewall and antivirus programs, launch this SPSS Statistics XX.

Note: XX=24 or 25 …
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